So much of my photography is inspired by music.  A lot of it revolves around rap and hip hop.  I grew up listening to a wide range of music and settled into the hip hop groove in my teenage years.  These days I’m influenced by so many different artists and photographers that I finally feel like I’m finding my style.  This shoot with Erica is a prime example of that. When we first started chatting about setting up a shoot, I knew I wanted to do something that involved street art and had more of a hip hop/street vibe.


There is a revived neighborhood in Denver called the River North or RiNo district (Denver and their weird acronyms for neighborhoods AmIright?!) that is known to be a very art driven area.  This is where I wanted to set up the shoot.


The back alleys around this area were filled with very colorful graffiti and a few interesting characters.


I definitely had a blast shooting with Erica and she absolutely rocked it for how chilly it was this day.  You’d never be able to tell that it was in the low 50’s and windy.

Web1 Web10 Web9Web8


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