If people sat out and looked at the stars each night, I bet they would live differently”

After being so stoked on the shots and experience from the week before, I was set to head out again and spend the night sleeping on the ground under stars.  This weeks destination: Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park.  I have always envied the shots from the front of a canoe with a calm lake and giant mountain behind so that was the ultimate goal from this trip.  We decided to try it out in the morning on Grand Lake so we set up camp in near by Rocky Mountain National Park.

0717_148 copy

This is the only way to relax, hammock with beer in hand

0717_146 copy

0717_134 copy

0717_184 copy

The day was spent in my new favorite location, my hammock.  I was turned on to the idea of getting a hammock from a friend of mine who used his strictly as shelter during his travels.  About a month prior I picked one up to use on a short back packing trip and fell in love with it.  I use a Eno Doublenest.  The best thing about this particular model is its lightweight and packs down to about the size of a grapefruit.  You can find them at REI for about 70 bucks.  Well worth it if you spend any time whatsoever outdoors.

0717_214 copy

Tent life underneath the universe0717_207 copy

The next morning, the sunrise came quite early.  I didn’t make the effort to shoot it as we stayed on the west side of the park and there weren’t many exciting locations within a quick trip.  We headed over to Trail Ridge Marina to give this whole canoeing thing a shot.  After setting up everything and getting a two person Kayak we spent two hours out on the lake having an absolute blast.0717_249 copy

0717_252 copy

Alright, so camping beneath the Milky Way followed up by canoeing on a mountain lake. Doesn’t get any better than this right?


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