“And so…The adventure begins”

I always had this attraction to the outdoors.  The fresh air, the smell of the trees, the clear blue sky. The soft breeze, the warmth of the sun and that stupid bug flying around you that you just can’t seem to get rid of… A lot these things are simple moments that most people never take advantage of.  I know I was guilty of that for the longest time.  Growing up I used to enjoy going to our cabin in Northern Minnesota on a semi weekly basis.  Getting out, jumping in the lake and catching lightning bugs.  Riding my bike through the woods and mud.  Then I “grew up” and got lost in the so called normality that is life.  I moved to Colorado roughly 7 years ago and had this laundry list of things I was going to do.  Camping on a regular basis was high on the list.  During my first maybe 5-6 years I went camping twice.  Way to take advantage of the opportunity Brandon.  Recently though I thought it’s time to change all of that. Put on your adventure hat, it’s time to get into this whole camping thing.

Around the beginning of July, I linked up with a friend of mine for a little off road adventure.  Being I drive a lowered car, I tend to network these trips out.  With minimal effort, adventure camping was became a thing.  We planned out a trip to check out the Colorado Famous spot: Crystal Mill.  We set out early and took the single lane road with caution.  This was my first time 4x4ing in a long, long time so I had an absolute blast.

0710_246 copy

0710_224 copy

This place is unreal in person.  It’s another one of those, pictures don’t do me justice spots.

One of my favorite styled shots lately has been the anonymous person looking off into the distance being shot from behind.  I bounced the idea off of Kelly before we went and she loved it.  She came through with an “adventure” hat, low and behold; the girl in the adventure hat was born.File Aug 18, 11 47 58 PM

After trekking back in a rain storm, we ended up setting up camp on Independence Pass.  The next morning started at 4:45 sharp.  We sped on over to the world famous Maroon Bells to catch the sunrise.  Pulling up to the parking lot the sky was bland, grey and looked like there wasn’t going to be much of a sunrise.  I hustled over to the lake anyways, set up my shot and waited, hopeful for the Alpen Glow to start.  Fingers crossed that getting up so ungodly early pays off…

0710_313 copy 2

Totally Worth it

0710_481 copy

Crystal Mill…Check…Maroon Bells Sunrise…Check.  Two great Colorado Landmarks done in a 24hr span.  I could get used to this whole camping thing.  What’s on the agenda next week?!


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