“Nature, Cheaper than therapy”

Cue Steamboat Springs: The Quaint Ski Town to the North

File Sep 02, 9 59 05 PM

I never have met so many Colorado natives until these past 6-7 months.  Each one of them have been beneficial in this summer journey around the state.  A good friend of mine had mention a must see spot in Steamboat called Rabbit Ear Pass.  It was chosen.  Our trip for the week.  There were such amazing camping locations around the area.  Steamboat is somewhat of a tourist town being that it has world class skiing, but the surrounding areas are amazing.  The campsite location for the evening was Dumont Campground on the west side of the pass.  After venturing up to Rabbit Ear Mountain, I decided to climb around a bit and enjoy the view.

File Sep 02, 9 59 39 PM

File Sep 02, 9 58 47 PM

Shameless product shots

File Sep 05, 10 59 05 PM

File Sep 05, 11 00 20 PM

Sunset on Dumont Lake

There isn’t anything I enjoy more than the sunsets in Colorado.  There is just something about the colors that here that are so vibrant.

0803_89 copy

The classic camp set up. Hammock along with a bunch of bags. Shameless photo #2

File Sep 02, 9 59 18 PM

 Views for days and days.


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