Rachel Gilcrest (Denver Model)

Rachel Gilcrest (Denver Model)

No winter last forever; No springs skips its turn.

I’ve had an absolute blast the past few months networking with people in my city. One of the most rewarding things for me is not only being able to photograph, but to learn about the people I work with.  This session with Rachel was one of those moments.

DSC01517 DSC01515

As we were catching the morning light it was fun getting to know Rachel and hearing the interesting stories she had to tell.  It’s moments like these that make photography such a rewarding career.



Mountain Adventures with Spowz

Mountain Adventures with Spowz

Social media can be a very powerful tool.  Aside from posting an outfit of the day and what you had for lunch, Instagram can be a great marketing tool.  I have met so many amazing and inspiring people this past year from the app that it’s tough to believe.


Recently I connected with Sabrina AKA @spowz to do some portraits.  We threw ideas back and forth and came away with wanting to do a wintery mountain look.

1221_6 copy


We headed up to Flagstaff just outside of Boulder and were welcomed with some awesome light and conditions.

1221_49 copy

1221_23 copy 1221_116 copy1221_162 copy

Create Karma Holiday Looks

One of my biggest personal goals in photography was getting to the point that I could be considered a “commercial” photographer.  Getting the chance to work with companies and businesses to do branding is a major area for me.  Being a small business owner myself; I honestly enjoy the process and the work that goes into owning/growing a business.


This past year I’ve had the chance to work with a very high quality streetwear brand in Denver called Create Karma (www.createkarma.co)  I had the luxury of shooting their holiday look book and promos.


These are a few of my favorite images from that shoot.

Kyle-2 Kyle4 DSC00021 Tabor Roof DSC09834


If you have a brand/company and would like to collaborate; send me an email!


Emma Powell (Denver Model)

Emma Powell (Denver Model)

This past summer I had the chance to work with a lot of people and really expand my network.  Being a photographer who loves landscapes I try to mix people into somewhat unorthodox locations.  One of my favorite shoots this summer was with Emma (@emma_powell21) at a sunflower field east of Denver.

0824_290 copy.jpg

0824_333 copy

Emma made the drive down and we were hoping for a really cool sunset.  This was the time when the Pacific Northwest was on fire and giving us crazy sunsets in Denver. The good news for this was that we got a very even lit and hazy sunset.

0824_307 copy.jpg

0824_293 copy.jpg
We discussed doing a Boho themed shoot and she absolutely nailed it.  Extremely happy with these images.

Emma Cover.jpg

0824_360 copy

Victor and Jessica (Denver Couple)

Victor and Jessica (Denver Couple)

“It’s real, it’s good, and it’s young love”


I recently set out to update my couples portfolio with some fresh content. A friend of mine, Victor had gotten a hold of me and suggested he and his girlfriend Jessica model for me.  Perfect.  Vic is a local photographer who I’ve had the chance to network with the past year and I’ve had the chance to shoot with Jessica on a few occasions recently.


Right from the get go you can tell these two are great together.  Laughing, holding hands and genuinely enjoying being in each others company.


The best thing about this set isn’t the actual photographs themselves; but more so the feeling of true love though each smile captured.

DSC00077DSC00039 copyDSC00029DSC00034


Bryn Aka Smiles Aka Blueeyedbird (Denver Model)

Bryn Aka Smiles Aka Blueeyedbird (Denver Model)

Beauty is power; a smile is its sword

I’ve made a lot of friends through the creative industry the past couple years.  Some have come and gone, some have sparked creativity; my favorites though are just genuinely good souls to have in your life.  One of my favorite people to shoot with has to be Ms. Bryn. (@blueeyedbird12)  Bryn and I have shot together roughly 4 times and always seem to find ourselves laughing each and every time.  As I continue to showcase shoots from the past few months I had to highlight some of my favorites from our sets.  Enjoy and smile along.


082415_1 copy Bryn1 Bryn2 052815_93 copy 052815_23 copy

The Great PNW

The Great PNW

“Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile. Climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean”

Every now and again it’s good to reset; start fresh and clear the cache. I had always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest. Hearing rave reviews from not only photographers but friends and family alike. With enough vacation time saved and a great opportunity available I decided to book a flight to Oregon. No hotels, no bed and breakfasts; just a rental car and a tent. Kelly and I planned out our week, the goal to make a semi circle and hit major landmarks around the whole state. Making time to handle “business” if you will by gathering images for various companies we partner with while taking time to cram as much nature as we could into 4 1/2 days.

File Oct 21, 7 52 41 PM

Mt. Hood as seen from the above

The first day consisted of getting into Portland just after 10 and picking up our rental. Let me start out by saying that the food in Portland is pretty damn good.  Now I’m not a food blogger or photographer by any means so I won’t get into that too much but the breakfast sandwich I had from Lauretta Jean’s was a great way to curb my travel crabbiness.

File Oct 25, 9 49 14 PM

The first day was spent mostly checking out the city, i.e thrift stores and antique shops.  Moseying around and trying to blend in and take in the cities culture.  The one thing I really noticed is a lot of people in Portland tend to keep to themselves; not much for smiles or random conversation.  A few of the boutiques we stopped in were friendly and talkative but that’s about it. Maybe it goes along with the “Keep Portland Weird” campaign or something.  Who knows…

1011_18 copy

The day was finished up by heading into the Columbia River Gorge to set up camp for the evening.  We needed a few supplies and headed across the bridge over to Washington; while over there we decided to just set up camp there to get a fresh start in the morning.  The plan for the second day was to hit up some of the waterfalls through the Gorge.  First stop of the day was Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls copy

There was one thing that someone had mentioned about shooting in Oregon that really stuck with me; a lot of really good attractions are right off of the road.  Multnomah Falls is literally off of the parking lot, maybe 200 yards from where the car was. You can see the walkway bridge and falls from the freeway. Visiting this place in person I can see why people get so many good shots.   It reminded me of how the Maroon Bells are in Colorado; absolutely beautiful but over done because of the easy access to get there.

top of multnomah copy

The fall colors were just about to peak during our time there.

After exploring around the Multnomah we had a little breakfast and prepared to keep moving.  The next stop was Starvation Creek Falls.  This was another one of those amazing view that is just a 5 minute walk from where you park the car.

File Oct 21, 7 51 43 PM04850003

Two falls down and a total of maybe a mile walked.  I could get used to this easy photo opportunity thing Oregon. Might as well go for the three-peat right?  There was one location that I kept seeing in photos of the Gorge that was a shallow river between the canyon walls leading down to a waterfall. After doing some research we thought we had it narrowed down.  Which brings us to Wahclella Falls.

1011_164 copy

This location turned out to be a happy mistake.  It wasn’t the location we were looking for but it was my absolute favorite that we got to see.  Its about a 2 mile hike in with not much elevation gain.  Once you get near the end of the hike you find yourself surrounded by the canyon walls with a large, high flowing water fall right in front of you.  After spending probably an hour here snapping photos and relaxing we headed back to the car to make the 5 hour drive down to Crater Lake.

048500051011_127 copy1011_150 copy

To be continued…